The Story so Far

Boss Richard's Log

25th of Kame, 2872

As we approach the end of the third month of our travels, I look back on all that has occurred thus far. I have come to realize that, while slower than it could be, we have been quite lucky so far and have only had a few small raids. There are a few reasons for this.

We leave earlier than most heading to the Kanchana festival do, this way there are fewer raiders watching the roads. We are also a more formidable caravan this time, as our guild has grown much this past year. This has allowed us to hire more guards, some of which have proven to be quite skilled. A couple even skilled in the Craft (luckily they haven’t bothered me much), and they seem a bit more pleasant than the stories I’ve heard of them, like the guy that got turned into a newt (he got better).

We were attacked by a few trolls shortly after leaving Marentha. We were only able to ignite one on fire though, so the others got away. Then, just outside of Cerulia, some goblins attacked in the night. They tried to burn one of the wagons, but we were able to put it out and scatter them before any real damage was done.

I swear it was as soon as we crossed the border into Yamas that some bandits hit us. They managed to kill a few guards, but weren’t able to make off with any of the goods, so no real harm was done. It was the goblins that attacked us just outside of Haven that were the most annoying. They made off with half a herd of goats before we managed to scatter them. I wish we could take that loss just out of the pay of the guards who were supposed to be watching them, as they claim there was a bugbear, and they just froze. But rules are rules…

Its been fairly steady going since then though, and even with those losses, we are still more well off than usual. This has put the guards into good spirits, and they have each (well, almost) earned the sack of gold waiting for them. I even think Ringnald will want to hire a few of them on as regulars.

Looking forward, we are nearing Lut Gholein, our last real stop before Faraday. The merchants seem eager to kep moving, and most will wait for the better prices at Kanchana. We will have to spend a few days in Lut Gholein anyway, as we need fresh supplies and to rest the herds for this last leg of our trip.

I always do look forward to Kanchana, even thou g the dryness of Sych makes it my least favorit season.


Hennik Hennik

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