House Rules

Action Points

An additional resource for the players to use when they want their characters to do something cool. Similar to the rules from Unearthed Arcana’s Action Points system, the players can use the points to do a variety of of things. The biggest difference is in how action points(AP) are acquired. Characters have a daily pool of AP equal to 1/2 their charcter level (min 1, max 5)


Add a d6 to a d20 roll
Activate a class ability
Boost AC while fighting defensively
Emulate a feat they meet the prereqs of
Gain an extra attack at their highest BAB
Increase the ECL of a spell by 2
Automatically stabalize
Improve an existing feat

In addition to those listed above:
Casters may also spend one point to automatically recharge a spell level/slot.
Players may “burn” 1 AP (thereby permanently reducing current and max AP by 1) to prevent their character from death. Though this may leave the character permanently scarred or disfigured at GM discretion.
Add 1 weapon die of damage (not mutiplied on crit)
Players may also petition the GM to do something awesome with their AP

Recharge Magic

Only the main points are addressed here see Unearthed Arcana for more explanation.

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House Rules

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