Lut Gholein

Known as the “Trade City of the East,” Lut Gholein is the major trade hub for all of Harrogath. As such, most of the space inside the pallisade walls it taken up by the market, a laberinth of stalls and shops, no doubt designed to lure you in and get you lost. While there are a few permanent shops most are rented and change regularly depending on who happens to be in the city at tat time.

The permanent shops are mostly farm fresh goods and other products difficult to come by in the wilderness. As lumber is the main source of income for the city, there are a lot of wooden goods as well.

Any long term decisions are made by a council of resident elders from the three largest tribes; currently the Kasim, the Logral, and the Blungulk. The defense of the city and arbitrator for disputes among non warriors is granted to the second place winner from the contest during Kanchana.


The Rat’s Nest
Un-named tavern
Un-named Inn

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Lut Gholein

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