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Information abouth the Ernan calendar.

Major cities of Erna. As well as information about other settled areas encountered in the game.

Peoples and creatures of Erna.

House Rules
The variant rules being used for this game.

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Important people, past and present.

Because it is everywhere.

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Interesting places of Erna.

Nations and other large (probably mapped) areas of Erna.

General Information About Erna

Erna lies at the edge of the universe. This gives it an unusual night sky. For part of the year, the night sky is starless, though this occurs during Matope so it is often unobserved. On the opposite side, during the month of Starlight they are nearly as bright as a full moon!

Speaking of moons, Erna has three of them Mwezi, Mond, and Osiku.
Mwezi is a bright white (much like Earths) moon that cycles only from crecent to full to crecent, it is never new. Mond is a bright blue moon that cycles much like Earths moon. And Osiku is a black moon, it is always “new” and is only identified when it blocks the light of the stars.

Mwezi is associated with good omens and good luck when it is full. Children born in the light of a full Mwezi are considered blessed by the gods.

Mond is accociated with balance and fairness. Many merchants prefer to do big business when mond is visible in the sky.

Osiku is associated with ill times and bad omens. Many believe that Osiku must be overhead when they have been struck by bad luck. It is common that if it is known that a child is born under Osiku, that they are cursed by the gods and they are sometimes abandoned by their families.

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