Standard Caravan Guard Contract

Contract for Guard Duty

White Trade Caravan LLC (hereafter “White”) hires (insert character name here) (hereafter “Green”) to provide protection services for its caravan under terms as follows.


Protection services include
• Maintaining a watch over all caravan property and essential personnel
• Retrieval and safeguarding of the corpses of any deceased essential personnel, along with their personal property, until the caravan’s arrival in Faraday.


Unless previously terminated, the contract terminates upon caravan arriving in Faraday.
Contract may be terminated early for the following reasons.
• White makes a manifest intent to withhold payment
• Green manifestly fails to perform its duties


Green is not liable for…
• Normal wear and tear to property
• Common illness, disease, and other divine or infernal maledictions
• Minor injury
• Fates befalling agents of the caravan whom willingly abandon their duties or whom ignore the advice of Green’s agents
• Acts of Gods


White agrees to pay a base fee of 25 gold pieces (GP) + 5 GP per day of duty (prorated). If travel to Example City requires more than ten days, an additional 3 GP per day will be assessed.

Furthermore, White is hiring guards, at a rate of 100 GP per guard. Finally, White agrees to pay 1 GP per incident.


If the caravan arrives at Example City without any destruction of property or loss of life for White’s essential personnel, then Green earns a bonus of 10% above its normal fee.


Green may be subject to penalties, which will be subtracted from Green’s final payment as follows.

In the case of destruction or loss of White’s property, the value of the property will be subtracted from Green’s final payment.

In the case of death or serious injury of essential personnel, a certain sum shall be assessed. White understands that the recoverable value of personal possessions shall not in total exceed 5 GP.

In any case, penalties do not allow White to recover the initial down payment.

Penalties for destruction of property and death or injury are outlined in the attached memorandum, which is incorporated into the contract here by reference.


White will provide an initial down payment of 50 gold pieces (GP) to the undersigned representative of Green. White further agrees to provide remaining compensation to [insert character name here] at Faraday.


In the case of confusion regarding terms, the following apply.

CARAVAN refers to agents and property of White being moved as a discreet unit from Marentha to Faraday, leaving Marentha on the First of Golau, 2872.

ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL refers to direct agents of White, along with any named in the attached document.

INCIDENT refers to any engagement where Green must risk injury or death or damage of Green’s property, beyond passive activity.

CONSENT: This contract contains the whole of the agreement, and supersedes any prior agreements, promises, or understandings.

Standard Caravan Guard Contract

Erna Hennik Hennik