Finkle Herdcaller

A human Master Farmer


A master farmer living outside the walls and East of Lut Gholein. He is happily married with ten children ranging in age from fifteen to three.
He raises mostly aurochs, and grows enough other food to feed his herd and family. He uses surplus to pay the farmhands and has done well enough the last few years to be better off than most in his position.

Wife: Kaarhi
Children: Gelkon (m 15), Alred (m 14), Sasa (f 12), Newell (m 11), Inola (f 10), Tadita (f 10), Okomi (m 7), Ahawi (f 6), Ruzi (f 5), and Sieko (f 3)

Finkle Herdcaller

Erna Hennik Hennik